Medipaq® Memory Foam Gel Lined Knee Pillow

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  • COOLING GEL LUXURY - You are in for a treat. Not only does our leg elevation pillow ensure fantastic spinal alignment but the cooling gel dissipates body heat. Feel cool and relaxed in your bed rather than hot and clammy.
  • 100% PREMIUM GRADE MEMORY FOAM - Our 50D foam will not go flat over time. Rather, the side sleeper pillow will ensure support is given to your leg yet will bounce back into shape once pressure disappears.
  • PAIN RELIEF AND LONG TERM COMFORT - Our leg pillow will benefit the majority of sleepers but especially those with suffering from sciatica, arthritis, hip, knee, pregnancy or post surgery pains. The sculpted contours keep the knees separated allowing for proper alignment of spine and legs.
  • MULTI-USE - We understand the need for our pillows to be versatile. The contours allow it to be used as a side sleeping pillow but also as a leg elevation support.