Medipaq®️ Memory Foam + Cooling Gel Coccyx Support Seat Cushion

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Medipaq®️ Cooling Gel Seat 100% Memory Foam Cushion - Coccyx Cut Out - Orthopaedic Tailbone Seat Pad For Sciatica, Back And Tailbone Pain - For Home, Office, Car and Yoga - (Black 3D Mesh)

  • ★★ ORTHOPEDIC RECOMMENDED CONTOURED PILLOW ★★ The specially designed contoured Coccyx Seat Pads wrap around the buttocks and thighs to efficiently distribute weight. Will provide instant pain relief in most cases and over time, the corrected seating position will improve posture over the long term.
  • ★★ ERGONOMIC DESIGN EFFICIENTLY ALLOWS WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION ★★ Regardless of your weight, you can sit comfortably with your tailbone hovering above the cut-out at the rear of the cushion. This ensures that there is no pressure applied to the coccyx which in turn prevents soreness from prolonged sitting.
  • ★★ 100% MEMORY FOAM & COOLING GEL ★★ The lumbar cushions have been manufactured with 100% Memory Foam to provide maximum comfort. A soft feel but fully supportive, structured seat pad. A comfortable way for long term postural correction. The cooling gel topping ensures a comfortable, cool, non sticky feeling. Comfort where you need it the most. The 3D Mesh Cover is breathable allowing you to benefit fully from the cooling gel. It is also machine washable.
  • ★★ LOWER BACK PAIN & SCIATICA PAIN RELIEF ★★ Our team at Medipaq are passionate about the design and effectiveness of our entire cushion range and feel this is the most comfortable and best way to offer long lasting relief from postural and back pain. Of course the cut out design is perfect for those suffering with tailbone ailments or haemorrhoids also.
  • ★★ RELIEVE PRESSURE ANY TIME YOU SIT DOWN ★★ As you can see from the pictures in this listing, this cushion is designed to be ergonomic and supportive. The contoured curves promote increased blood circulation, and better posture due to how the weight is distributed. Relief for back pain is possible no matter where you are: office, home, car, plane, train or stadium the cushion is compact and sturdy enough for any situation. The NO SLIP BASE ensures that the cushion will not slip on any surface!