Medipaq® Memory Foam Lumbar Support Wedge Cushion

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The Medipaq® Memory Foam Lumbar Support Wedge Cushion allows you to enjoy a better and more comfortable sitting position whilst taking pressure off the coccyx tailbone. Made from premium memory foam, it moulds to your shape eliminating pressure points and ensures your body and posture are aligned correctly. The special, horse-shoe cutout stops any direct pressure on your lower spinal disc and tailbone, allowing you to sit for longer periods without slouching and minimises fatigue. Use at home, at the office or as a booster seat for children. This Medipaq® orthopaedic seat cushion is all you need for the ultimate lumbar, back and coccyx support.

  • Made with premium quality, 4lb density memory foam
  • Wedge-shape design with horse-shoe cutout
  • Contoured, ergonomic shape supports legs, lower back, hips & coccyx
  • Hypo-allergenic, antibacterial & anti-microbial
  • Available in black, blue or grey 3D mesh or black plush fabric
  • Size: 40cm width x 34cm depth x 7.5cm height