Medipaq® Memory Foam Donut Ring Cushion

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The Medipaq® Memory Foam Donut Ring Cushion is one of the best coccyx pain relief cushions on the market. Its donut ring shape eliminates pressure on sensitive areas around your tailbone providing extra support for conditions such as piles, sciatic nerve pain, childbirth, post surgery and more. Made from premium memory foam that's guaranteed to keep it's shape for 20 years, this ergonomic seat cushion moulds to the contours of your body, supporting your lower back and ensuring your posture is aligned correctly. For an orthopaedic, portable, coccyx support cushion look no further and you'll be comfortable at the office, at home, in the car or whilst travelling.

  • Made from the latest 3rd generation, visco-elastic Medipaq Restore memory foam
  • Ergonomically designed to mould to your body contours
  • Donut ring cushion designed to provide coccyx pressure relief
  • Lightweight & portable suitable for travelling, work or home
  • Made from 40% visco & 60% polyester, machine wash at 30 degrees C
  • Size: 40cm diameter x 8cm height