Medipaq® Bounce Back Memory Foam Donut Ring Cushion

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The Medipaq® Bounce Back Memory Foam Donut Ring Cushion has been recommended by orthopaedic surgeons and other medical professionals to relieve tailbone pain, haemorrhoids, pressure ulcers, bed sores, perineal pain and more. End your quest of trying to sit comfortably at your desk, in the office, at home or even whilst travelling or in a wheelchair, with our ergonomically designed, triple contoured coccyx ring cushion. Made from dense memory foam this supportive seat cushion provides lower back and coccyx pain relief, whilst ensuring your posture is anatomically correct and you have appropriate blood circulation. 

  • Made from ultra-premium, high density memory foam so will not flatten over time
  • 3 ergonomic contours mean your legs and hips are properly aligned
  • Donut ring shape recommended for those with coccyx or bottom pain
  • Portable & lightweight so suitable for the car, plane or wheelchair
  • Removable & washable plush cover
  • Non slip bottom for a secure hold
  • Available in black